撕破脸皮的故事The story of tearing the skin

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1989 should be the first year of my oil painting. The printmaking department just graduated to catch up with the national art exhibition. At that time, the national art exhibition was a top priority for the provincial art associations. I remember that Yang Xiaoyan specially organized a group of people to focus on creation in Guangzhou. I painted the first oil painting sound in my life (this painting was seriously moldy and burned by me later).

《音响》145x110cm 1989《音响》145x110cm 1989


For insurance, after the creative group was dissolved and returned to the lecturer group, Meizhou normal school, the school where I teach, drew another picture of the last orange. This picture was selected. At that time, it could be said that it was "loved, happy, celebrated and told". Yes, it was difficult for the National Art Exhibition

《最后的柑子》145x145cm 1989《最后的柑子》145x145cm 1989


These two paintings basically continue the style of my printmaking skills class homework, which is a little surreal, but they basically belong to painting color sketch with oil paint. The surface is not so like the oil painting in my mind, so I am seriously dissatisfied.

大学铜板石板技法作业 1985-1986大学铜板石板技法作业 1985-1986


So I decided to give up this pure imagination and paint the daily scenery and characters for ten years. Some materials in traditional oil paintings should be painted once. Ten years later, in 1999, there was a national art exhibition. I painted such a midnight street with the strength I accumulated in the past ten years. It was not often like an oil painting. Of course, it was selected again, although the style was seriously reversed. After painting this picture, I think it's enough. There's no need to continue painting such a picture. It's still the same sentence: you're talented and throw it away when you know it.

《午夜的街》175x120cm 1999《午夜的街》175x120cm 1999

2000年广东美术馆给我举办了个展并收藏了这张画,我开始试着画画其他内容,我平日一直偶尔听听《新概念英语》(我们广美英语课用的课本,因为整体英语水平太差),第三册第一课有篇叫A Puma at large,逃遁的山狮,里面有一句:and experts confirmed that a puma will not attack a human being unless it is cornered. 专家证实美洲狮不会攻击人类除非它被逼入绝境。corner是角落的的意思,cornered就是走投无路,这个词我喜欢,我严重知道当一个东西真正走投无路时是样子,触目惊心。

In 2000, Guangdong Art Museum held a solo exhibition for me and collected this painting. I began to try to draw other contents. I always occasionally listen to new concept English (the textbook we use in Guangmei English class because the overall English level is too poor). In volume 3, lesson 1, there is an article called a puma at large, a mountain lion running away, And experts confirmed that a puma will not attack a human being being unless it is cornered. Corner means corner. Cornered means desperate. I like the word. I seriously know what it looks like when a thing is really desperate. It's shocking.

水房 57x73cm 1991水房 57x73cm 1991






This is probably the only picture I painted in the dormitory yard when I was just working. My dormitory in Zhongshan Medical College in Guangzhou is on the first floor, and there is a big empty field outside. I live behind the Casuarina equisetifolia tree on the left. The opposite side of the picture is the dormitory of graduate students and single teachers, and the back is the dormitory of undergraduate students. Under the two chimneys in the picture is the public boiled water room, and the door next to the water room is the public toilet, Some students came back from the canteen to eat, and the leftover food was poured into a large hogwash bucket in the toilet. Therefore, rats were rampant.

You probably haven't seen how big the mice in Guangzhou are. I've been analyzing why they can grow so big. When food is rich, the same gene can evolve into a super large size in a few generations. Maybe a larger size can increase the survival probability of individuals in the world, and a smaller size can increase the reproduction rate of the population, Therefore, Cantonese also say that mice in Guangdong are the same as litchi. There are mice in my yard, large, small and medium. I remember that for a period of time, my biggest pastime was beating mice with an air gun at night. I often get up in the morning and there are more than a dozen dead mice in the yard (if you hit a mouse with an air gun, you won't die on the spot. You will run and die in all kinds of corners, but I don't know why the cats in the yard drag the dead mouse out of all kinds of corners, just like cleaning.)

What impressed me most was a dead end more than half a meter wide and more than ten meters deep next to my dormitory. There was a huge mouse hole inside. I knew that there lived a huge mouse with brown hair like a pig. My air gun was borrowed again, so I went out and bought an oversized serrated mouse clip, the same type as the one used to clip wolves. I used solid copper wires to trap the mouse The clip was tied to the window hook and placed in front of the big hole. As long as I had to touch the mechanism in and out, I slept in the middle of the night. Early the next morning, I was awakened by the fierce struggle outside the window. I didn't think I wanted to pick up a long stick from behind the door and rushed out. It was the largest mouse I had ever seen. Its two front paws were firmly clamped and was desperately biting the wire. When we stared at each other At the opposite time, its hair and my hair stood up, and it began to jump up. The only way out of this dead end is on my side. The standard cornered - there is no way out. We both have no choice. I have to kill it. It has to fight tenaciously. Since there is a glimmer of hope, I guess the bayonet fighter on the battlefield has the same physiological reaction as us. His blood is bleeding and I swing When he knew there was no way out, he rushed directly into my face with a clip. His hind legs were strong and powerful, and his adrenaline horsepower was fully open. In fact, I was as scared as him and secreted a lot of adrenaline. Fear and adrenaline attracted madness. I shouted madly and hit dozens of sticks until the wall was covered with blood

I have never experienced this emotion since. It is different from fighting. It is a one-sided murder outside the control of the law. I am completely strong. It tries its best to intimidate me and scare me away, even if there is no hope at all.

So in 2000, I took such a picture and drew such a picture in front of me.

无题 145x110cm 2000无题 145x110cm 2000



先是很多艺术账号发出来的,有的几年前(我过去的合作画廊Art Scene China艺术景画廊一直有我的网站,挂着几乎全部2009年之前的画),有的是不久前。

This is probably the mouse forced to the corner. The solo exhibition of Guangdong Art Museum also included this picture. The reaction of this picture is very complex. Most adults are very confused. You can't be indifferent to such a picture, but children are very interested in this picture. They just like it, and then

This painting will appear almost every time in my solo exhibition, because it is a painting that will not be sold at all. Then, 20 years later, I began to publish my previous works on instagram. Then, I found that it began to grow in popularity inexplicably. Then I searched my name and found that this painting was overwhelming

First, many art accounts were sent out, some a few years ago (my past cooperative gallery art scene China art scene Gallery has always had my website with almost all the paintings before 2009), and some not long ago.


然后,有粉丝@我说德鲁·巴里摩尔 Drew Barrymore发了条帖子用了这张画,我很兴奋的上去一看哇靠!!!差不多十七万赞

德鲁·巴里摩尔 Drew Barrymore就是ET里那个小姑娘长这样












高潮是一个美国有线节目叫Saturday night Live的主持人John Krasinski在节目里挂了这么张仿制品,于是各种口诛笔伐就来了。有些艺术大号甚至专门发帖声讨,可但是但可是,他们干脆不理,天下剽客一般黑。







I don't know the real subconscious of these people who like these paintings. What are they thinking? They don't know. The tragic story between me and the mouse, if I explain this painting in one sentence, is: when you can only save yourself by hurting yourself.



This is not the big rat who fought bravely and died honorably with me. It is dozens of times bigger than this. This is a little rat who accidentally entered my house and was bitten to death by crooked girl ten years ago.

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